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How do I start the Workout Program?

1) Head over to "Getting Started" and get your Free Trial Week started!


2)  Need the accountability of a group class? Go to "Live Schedule" to book your livestream group fitness classes on Zoom

3) Need the flexibility of WERKing on your one schedule? Go to "On-Demand" to view any of our pre-recorded classes.


Where is my Zoom link?

 - Your zoom links are e-mailed to you after booking the class. You can also find them under "My Booked Classes" on your profile menu. 

How many classes can I take a week?

- As many as you want! Your membership gets you unlimited Zoom classes and On-Demand class views.

How do I stay up to date with the WERK Tribe and any class cancellations/reschedules?

- Join Our Facebook Support group!

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